The essential tool for your trips to Morocco!(and other countries)

The perfect companion for the Guides Gandini

On-road (road and city maps, voice guidance) and off-road (4x4 tracks
and off-road trekking) on the same software.
Autonomous - Large 7" touch screen - Integrated multimedia features.


Affiche-4x4-gandini Morocco finally routable !

Vector map routable TomTom (Juanary 2015) with the plans of the major towns and multilingual voice guidance on the roads and in the cities of Morocco ("door to door").


All routes of Guides Gandini. 

All the routes described in the guides Gandini are prerecorded:
Pistes du Maroc, volumes 1 to 9
Maroc, premières pistes
L'Atlas marocain : nouvelles routes (routable)
Le Maroc en Camping-Car (routable)

POI : Guide Gandini "Campings in Morocco", issue 2015-2016. Petrol stations, restaurants, shops, banks, monuments, radars, etc ...


mideltComplete mapping of Morocco.

From north to south and from east to west, all the Moroccan territory is covered..
GPS Extrem'Sud by Gandini comes with a collection of pre-installed maps covering almost all needs:

• Vector Map at 1/5000, including Moroccan Sahara (TomTom)..
• Road map 1/1 million without Moroccan Sahara (Reise Know-How)
ouarza• Topographic map at 1/250, 000 including Moroccan Sahara (IGN).
• Map of reliefs including Moroccan Sahara (for 3D display).
• Topographic map at 1/100, 000 without the Moroccan Sahara (IGN)
• Satellite map including Moroccan Sahara (NASA).



europeWestern Europe, at no extra cost.

GPS Extrem'Sud by Gandini comes with TomTom maps, used in "door to door" and guiding voice in 21 Western European countries: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Spain, Portugal. (Eastern Europe available in option).


b1 facePowerful, convenient and scalable devices.

With a fast processor, operated by Android 4, all of our models have 1 GB of RAM (DDR3), a flash memory and an external microSD 16 GB. The touch screen displays maps in high resolution (1024 x 600). The GPS chips have a precision of about 5 m (17 feet). With a good battery life (operating time: 2/5 hours, standby time: 5/7 days) their built-in Lithium-Polymer battery will recharge on any electrical outlet, on a cigarette lighter socket of a 12V vehicle (or directly plugged on a battery for the ATV and two-wheels model), or on the USB port of any computer.



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